Do you know your bananas? Go Bananas with this blog!

Do you know your bananas? Go Bananas with this blog!
We love bananas, they are so fantastic and you can do so much with them. We like to start the day with a 20 banana smoothie each, you get so much energy from that. Its fantastic to make banana ice cream or just eat it like it is. Did yo know that Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world, It is believed that there are almost 1000 varieties of bananas in the world, Isn’t that fantastic, you can never get  bored of that.  The most common banana is Cavendish that most people have eaten. We love trying different bananas and are so blessed that we can work online, travel and eat so much exotic fruits.
Did you know that the banana is, in fact, not a tree but a high herb that grows up to 15 metres and the banana fruit is botanically a berry.

Have you tried the Blue bananas!


Bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to promote relaxation and improve mood and can help you to feel happier.

The inside of a banana skin can be used to calm an itchy mosquito bite – many people find that rubbing the bite with the skin helps to reduce irritation.


Red yummy bananas!

Do you know your bananas? How many varieties have you tried?

In this video we are in Bali and show you some different bananas you can find!

Banana Tasting with MT World we take a closer look at some of the bananas
In this video MT World go BANANAS! We having a banana feast! We try lots of bananas you probably never seen before. We try and tell you what they taste like. Enjoy!




Lots of Banana Love

Melanie and Tobias

MT World

Happy Thanksgiving !

MT World want to send out a thanksgiving blessing for what we are grateful for this thanksgiving holiday season. Hope this going to be the best thanksgiving for you with a happy mind and people you love. In this video we going to talk about what we are grateful for and what we have done this year. We talk about the law of attraction, our abundance in life and the gratitude we share everyday! So have thankful thoughts and be grateful and you will have a fantastic thanksgiving! Lots of love from us!
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Jungle Durian !!

Jungle Durian/durio kutejensis!
We are durian addicts, and when we heard of the jungle durian we had to try it. We travelled to Borneo to hunt down this rear durian/durio kutejensis.

Mabye you have seen the cultivated durian, many you have tried it? This is not like that! This have a little hint of the smell the cultivated have but wit a sweet fruity smell. The fruit is small in size and its not so much flesh inside around the seeds. We can explain the texture, its like pley-Doh you can play with 🙂
This durian have a fruity taste, really sweet. It is like nothing we have tried before. Its something everyone should go deep in the Borneo jungle and hunt for, but bring a helmet 😉

Here is some of the collors you can find 🙂


The red colored


The orange and red one!




The yellow!


The red with yellow flesh!


This is what we do for work that makes it possible for us to travel and do more of what I love.


How to open and eat Jungle Durian or durio kutejensis
In this video MT World are in Borneo, Malaysia and try one really exiting fruit! We try the very special Djungle Durian this is one of the fruits of borneo, which is like no other Durian we tried on this planet, we open it and try it, tell you what it taste like. If you into Durian and rare exotic fruit you have to check this video!


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Lots of Jungle Durian Love

Melanie and Tobias

MT World

Cost of Living in Bali on a Rawfood Diet plus a tour of our house in Bali

To another blog from us. We seen many con tries in our years of traveling USA, New Zealand, Australia, Tonga, Thailand, Costa Rica, Philippines just to mention a few. But today we going to talk about one of the islands that are warmest to our heart! The island I talk about is Bali, Indonesia. We absolutely love Bali! The people are so friendly always smile, the food is so organic and in such a high quality, they taking care of their fruits and always make sure they serve it ripe. In Bali it is also very easy to rent a house for some months as we have done. We rented house in Bali 4 months, and the houses are such a beauty both inside and on the outside as well relatively cheap

We use to rent house in Ubud which is in the middle of the island. We totally love the place and if you into healthy living and Yoga you would absolutely love this place!

We feel so blessed that we have the chance to be able to work online and live our dreams everyday, find out how you also can do the same thing CLICK HERE!  



Cost of living in Bali and rent a house in Bali Q&A plus a tour of our house here in Bali. What does it actually cost to live in Bali? MT World been living here for 4 months. In this video we give you answer on what it cost to rent a house in Bali? What does it cost to live in Bali eating raw food? How much does MT World spend monthly to live in a such an amazing tropical paradise? What can you do here in Bali and lots of more questions MT World give you answer of in this video. We also give you a tour and show you around in our house we rent here.

Hope you liked our little tour, and hope to see you in Bali next time!
Terama Kashi
Tobias and Melanie
MT World


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