What happens in vegas stays in… a banana box!

How many bananas can you eat in a week? Is Las Vegas turning into a banana island? Are we going bananas? The answer is…

Banana love

Hello from MT World! Hope you guys having a fantastic day! We are as you might know on the road again. Today we write from the big city of Las Vegas! We having a fantastic time here, weather is fantastic and we enjoying every moment here. Feels so good to be in the warm sun when we been for a while in winter Sweden!


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Enjoying “The Strip” in Las Vegas!


The last couple of days here we been on some amazing adventures, or at least for us. We went to one of the stores we really love here in the US we can call it Disney Land for MT World. The store we talking about is Whole Foods! A fantastic place with fresh healthy food! We can walk around there for hours, then finish the visit with a huge nice salad and some fruit!

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Tobias enjoy Whole foods Las Vegas


Whole foods, Disney Land for MT World!
Whole foods, Disney Land for MT World!


Melanie and the yummy Melons!
Melanie and the yummy Melons!


But this week MT World went BANANAS!!!


Amazing to pass by this weird buildings in Las Vegas you only seen on TV before! We spent a day on the strip in Las Vegas. After that we head outside town for the main reason we visit this city who never sleeps.

We were going to Hotel Lake Las Vegas for a big event with lots of inspiring people and amazing speeches! But it was hard a bit far to any store so we carbed up with 3 boxes of bananas! Here is some pictures from there!

Go bananas!!
Go bananas!!



CTFU!! If you wanna have energy to listen to speech and lectures for 5 days! MT World Style! Wanna know more about the event we went to CHECK THIS OUT!


We just love Kombucha!

Thumb Up Lake Las Vegas

Hope you guys enjoyed the blog and have a beautiful and fruitiful day!

Se you in the next adventure!
Lots of Banana Box Love!
MT World -The World Traveling Couple!

Travel the world with MT World, report from 10 000 feets! Day 21 of 21 Video/Blog Challenge

Blessings with love and gratitude!


We are on the road again!

Yes now we really setting off. We started this morning 4.30 AM and Melanie’s father drove us the 2h way to the airport in capital of Sweden, Stockholm.


We are so exited to travel, that is the life with MT World, on the road on amazing adventures all around the world!




At the airport we met our new friends from a group called ABBA. We told them to Carb the Fuck up and gave them so Bananas, they kind of like it we think!





First stop was London were we had a 2h stop and we got some water and awesome coconut water. If you travel we always recommend you to look for coconut water that really keep you hydrated when it is so dry air in the airplane.








So the moment of writing we are up in the air! It is when you travel so much as we do, that you feel the kinda home is when you travel in a airplane. Wherever we go with a airplane we got this kinda going home feeling. It is so amazing, like the universe saying to us, guys you are born to do this, travel the world, and spread the message about Happy Healthy Lifestyle.






So we soon go down for landing and we are really happy to be able to make videos for you guys from this destination. We are so thankful that we can do this and we thank universe everyday that we are able to do this!


We had a dream, we had a vision so strong that we let all go and trusted the Universe, to be able to travel, live our dreams, support people, inspire people.


We want you to be able to be the very same person that says to the universe: I wanna live my dreams! Not only have them as dreams make them reality.


PS: When you see were we are, please send a PM if you like to hook up for a durian of fruit picnic!

Lots of Love from 10 000 feet!
Tobias and Melanie
MT World

MT World on the road again?

MT World are…

Preparing for a new adventure!

Watch this video and see what we mean!



Are you guys traveling somewhere this year? Please let us know were you are going! We love to see people travel and get really happy when you guys do. When we meet up you all and see how you are doing.



Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 11.53.05

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 18.32.53

This time when we travel we might be a bit closer some of you guys. Please let us know if we should be near you, and we can meet up for a nice fruit picnic or just hang out!

Hope to see you soon!
Lots of Love
MT World

A year of fantastic travel with MT World! Day 19 of 21 Video/Blog Challenge

A fantastic journey!

Hi everyone, hope you have  beautiful day! In todays blog post
we are going to show you some really nice travel clips from last
of traveling around the world.

We been seeing so much things and meet so many fantastic people!
We are so grateful and thankful to the Universe for this!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 09.11.19

We love that we can do this journeys and show you all about this
fantastic places and spread the word about healthy happy lifestyle!

And it is so exiting to travel, sitting on a airplane to a
and not know what is going to happen when
you land…

In todays video we will show you some clips from our traveling
around the world enjoy!

If you did not know, soon, just in a few days MT World are going on
another fantastic travel adventure! We will leave the snowy and cold
Sweden for warmer places.


We feel so grateful that we are able to live this life, and we are so grateful
that we are able to show you this places! So make sure to keep updated
and watch our upcoming travel videos

Lots of Love and Gratitude!
Tobias and Melanie

     MT World

Durian Madness!!! Why do people love durian so much!!! Day 17 of 21 Video/Blog Challenge

Durian- Love by the First Sight!

This is a story from back in the days on that time we were living in Oslo, Norway. Since me and Melanie been a couple we have shared this a bit weird interest for a fruit called Durian. Many people refer to it as  stinky fruit and in many con tries in Asia it forbidden to bring into airplane, airports,  hotels, subway and so on. Due to it´s special smell or “stinking odor” as the non proclaimers for durian says.

Anyhow we love it and we often went in to the Asian markets in Oslo to grab our frozen durian fruit to defrost for 8h to be able to open and eat the deliciousness! Me and Melanie are very addicted to the fruit so we used to eat durian almust every day.



One evening when I came from work Melanie had foraged one durian fruit and  had it defrosted as a nice surprise after a long 13h day. We got all into it as we crazy durian maniacs only can do. munched on the fruit like it was our last supper! When the were finished only seeds and shells remains. We thought about how or were to put those because we were so lazy to go out in the backyard of the apartment complex to chuck it in the bin. We thought oh well it did not smell that bad, so we can just put it in a plastic bag outside the door.



A few hour past by and we were sitting in the couch watching some film at the computer when someone were banging on the door and ringing hard on the bell at the same time. “open the door!!!” a angry voice shouted.
I went to the door, opened. A man that looked very angry was red in his face were outside.

“Hello! I’m your neighbour living on the top floor, what the F are you guys hiding in the apartment? It smells like a corpse, have you guys killed someone or what! It smells all the way to my floor and inside the apartment!”

We looked a bit surprised and said no? He insisted to come into the apartment and have a look and we said it was fine for us, we had nothing to hide. He walked around and found nothing. He said it smells horrible. The we just remember the durian shells.

“it might be this one” we said and showed him the durian remains in the plastic bag. The man almost jumped up in the roof with ugliness is his face expression said YES, what the F (again) is it??!!!!
We explained  about the durian fruit. He said put this in the bin straight away, and I will never feel this smell again!!!! After that he went back up the stairs mumbling something about “crazy fruit morons”.

This is only one of the crazy durian adventures in our life, but we love durian and will always love this amazing fruit!!!

Do you also want to travel the world eating durian like we do?  CLICK HERE! To see how we are able to do it!

Lots of Durian Love
Tobias and Melanie


Welcome to our Kitchen plus an awesome way to slice Zucchini! Day 16 of 21 Video/Blog Challenge


Today we give you a tour in our kitchen plus Melanie show you a fantastic way to slice/cut a zucchini. Hope you will enjoy this video full of gratitude!


How do you do when you cut Zucchini? Do you use a spiralizer? That is one of the most useful tool in the kitchen! We often use that one as well to make our delicious zucchini pasta meals 🙂

If you did not know we also have lots of good zucchini pasta recipes in our book healthy eating with MT World which you can order HERE!

Visar zucchini tool.jpg

5 Things to attract more happiness and success into your life day 15 of 21 video/blog challenge

Hello beautiful amazing people out there!

Today we give you another inspiring video on our 21 day video/blog challenge. We have got very positive feedback from all you fantastic
amazing people!


What is success?

Many people often relate success with getting a million of millions on your bank account. But well they are also right, it is fantastic to have that, but success can be so much other things. Success can be your perfect health, your dream house, your fantastic travel to a beautiful spot, find the perfect partner, and so many other things!



Today we give you a video how to attract more success and happiness into your life! So we list our 5 most important things for you to attract those things in your life in this video!



Believe in you!

You guys all of you are so amazing and only your own mind can stop you… or get you to your dreams and goals in life! Remember that and make it all happened to you! It is very important to have the right mindset, then you will be unstoppable!



We live a fantastic life everyday, but we have not always done it in this way. All started with a dream, a vision and a fantastic mindset we both were focused on. Today we live our dreams everyday. We found a very good and fantastic way to do that.
If you want to see how we are able to travel the world, live our dreams every day CLICK HERE to get our newsletter and see how we do it possible!


         Lots of Love and Gratitude to you all !!
           Tobias and Melanie
  MT World

Kiwano fruit, how do you eat kiwano and what is the health bennefits?

Hi all beautiful people!

Todays blog post is going to be about a fruit called Kiwano! Have you heard about this fruit before? Do you know what its good for and how to eat it? So follow us in our fruit adventures 🙂

Kiwano is also known as the Horned Melon, the melano, the African horned cucumber, the jelly melon, blowfish fruit and the hedged gourd. Kiwano is Native to the Kalahari Desert and is now grown in California, Mississippi, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand.

Taste like?

When allowed to ripen, we think the fruit tastes like a mix of cucumbers, zucchinis ,kiwis, lemons and bananas. 🙂 Try it and se how you like it!


Some health benefits of Kiwano!

1. Contains numerous Antioxidants

2. Beneficial for eye

3. Good food for metabolism

4. Stops premature aging

Kiwano fruits are low in calories, loaded with dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium as well as iron.


We made a video to show you how to open this fruit, how it looks like and how it taste! So check this video down below!



Please like and comment on the video, we wold love to hear from you 🙂


Do you also dream about travel the world
eating the best tropical fruits in the world
and earn an income at the same time by
bloging and do YouTube videos


Lots of Kiwano Love

Melanie and Tobias

MT World




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How to eat raw in cold climates? MT World give you a food sitution Day 13 of 21 Video/Blog Challenge

How to eat Raw in Cold Climates?

To eat raw in cold climate can be a bit tricky in wintertime. In this video MT World talk about how we do it and how we eat.

Check this video:


How do you eat?

Please let us know how you eat, what you prefer?

Do you feel better to eat raw, raw till 4, vegan. What do you think is best for you to eat? Please let us know, give us a comment on Youtube 🙂

Lots of Love
MT World
The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network’s average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income