Vegan Food Haul in San Diego

Hello everyone!

Do you like food haul?

MT World love food, healthy food! Here in US we love the store Whole Foods, it is like Disney Land for us, two health nuts. We can wounder around there for hours!

MT World

MT World


It is always fun to come home with bags full of goodies! In this video we show you what we bought on a food haul here in San Diego.


Hope you enjoy our video!
Lots of Love and healthy food
MT World

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How to follow your moment

We all been there…

When you got the chance to grab something right now or… never get that chance again. We always need to make important decision in life or just let the life go on like it used to be, and make no chance to make that change.

When we do things, we do it very serious but with love and passion determination to it. We love what we do, and we love to help people to be inspired of what is really possible.

Looking mountains quote

So we love the life we live and we love all fantastic things we can see when we travel, all the fantastic meetings we do when we go around in our backpacks and feel totally free.


We love the feeling when we are around the world and every day is a new adventure! We are so grateful for all beautiful things we can see, hear, smell, feel and experience that always gives us more fantastic things form the universe.

Grateful MT World

It is always very important to be grateful about the moment, feel the moment, feel the breath, listen to your breath and be in that moment, be in that moment and say thank you universe! You can do it loud or you can do it in your mind. It makes magic to do that exercise ever day <3

Melanie MT World


Another thing you can do, that we always do before we eat our dinner universe provide for us is…

Spice our food with magic! We take our hands and sprinkle our fingers over the food and visualize that we sprinkle magic spice with gratitude and thankfulness to mother earth and the people that made us able to have the food on the table. Always the food taste more and much better when you give it love and gratitude. Try it yourself <3

Tobias MT World


This was all for today, hope you enjoy this blogpost.
Love and Gratitude
Tobias and Melanie
     MT World



How to eat Cherimoya Fruit!

Cherimoya Fruit

You might have heard of this fruit before? It is very common in Spain, USA and some Asian countries. We love this fruit, and got it from Farmers Market in La Mesa which we wrote about yesterday.

La Mesa Farmers Market San Diego


Melanir How to open and eat Cherimoya

In this blog we also show you a video how to eat and open Cherimoya. We tell you what it taste like. and our thoughts about the fruit.


Health Benefits of Cherimoya

Cherimoya is a very nutritional fruit like many of the fruits in the world. It is also relative to Rollinia, Soursop and Custard Apple. Here is some benefits of this amazing fruit:

  • High in Vitamin C
  • Cherimoya fruit is a good source of B-complex vitamins, especially vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine). 100 g fresh fruit provides 0.257 mg or 20% of daily-recommended levels
  • Cherimoya fruit contains calcium which is vital for bone health. In this way, it helps in preventing osteoporosis.
  • The unripe cherimoya fruit can be dried and powdered. This can be applied on hair for getting rid of lice.

How do you like cherimoya, were did you have your first cherimoya? Please let us know and comment down below 🙂

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Why we love Farmers Market in La Mesa, San Diego

Vibrant food for your soul!

A lot of people that know us know that we love Farmers Market and that we have a lot of videos from different farmers market and fruit markets around the world! The people who don´t know us know now that we LOVE farmers markets!

La Mesa Farmers Market San Diego

The food you get at those markets are vibrant, high in nutrition and produced with love and gratitude from farmers that love what they doing and know how to make their greens and fruit happy and filled with love. This made without any spray or pesticides, only organic planting and growing.

La Mesa Farmers Market San Diego
At the moment we are in San Diego and exploring what good fruit and greens they have here! This beautiful Friday we went to La Mesa Farmers market which is  on a small parking lot in the suburb of La Mesa. The market are open 1-5 PM in Wintertime.  Easy to access from city, just take orange line and get of at  La Mesa Blvd and you are literately at the market.


At the market at this time you will find so good fruit and greens, we love it and a farmer that we really love is farmer Steve. He is so kind and he always give us a little bit extra for the same price and you cn really see how he love his fruits. Super juicy Oroblanco, one of the most delicious we ever tried! As well as his fantastic Avocados super creamy.

La Mesa Farmers Market San Diego

At this market you also find Strawberry’s, spinach, kale and all kinda greens. You also can find  supergood sauerkraut with lots of flavors. We spend some hours there and went home with a lot of fruits, greens and sauerkraut! And made a fantastic salad!

Farmers Market San Diego

Remember to support your local farmer that put so much love into the food, you feel it when you eat it and you feel the vibrations of love from the fruit and greens you eat!

Lots of Love
Tobias and Melanie
MT World!

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How to heal your body with spring water -the magic of water

Magic Water

Water in one of the most fascinating natural resource we have and one of the most important ting that keeps us alive every day. In fact the human body is 80-90% water.

Spring water have a lot of healing effect and also are very  important to our existence.

Today we discuss how water can heal your soul and lots of benefits of spring water. Watch this video we done when we talk about the importance of water and the healing effects water have.

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palm springs, miracle springs

Spring Water

bobo med palm sp

Have a beautiful day!
Lots of Love
MT World


Meet Justin Verrengia who changed his life with “The Secret” using Law of Attraction

MT World had the honor to meet Justin Verrengia and his wonderful family on a big event in Las Vegas. Justin is a fantastic person really down to earth with his mind with the Universe. He and his wife D Verrengia have made a big impact in many peoples life.

We were so happy to be able to speak with him personally. We share many of the same interests and MT World always love to meet people that share the same mindset as we do.

Here we give you a video interview  with Justin when he talks about how the movie “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction” Changed his life!

Justin and his wife D is fantastic speakers and it is fantastic to meet so genuine and inspiring people!

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Justin Verrengia and MT World

Justin Verrengia

MT World, D Verrengia, quan jing

D Verrengia

Justin and D Verrengia Empower Network Event Revolution

Have a beautiful and fruitiful day!
Lots of Love
MT World 

Shields Date Farm -How to pick the best dates with MT World

Do you like dates?

Think about sweet, soft and yummy that melts in your mouth! Then you are reading the right blog! MT World visit one of the best date farms on the way from Las Vegas to San Diego to get a sugar explosion!
Shields Date Farm MT World

We had such a craving for fresh and yummy dates and when we saw that they had so many date variates we had to stop here and explore what someone would call a “date heaven” and you know it is always sweet and fun when MT World is around!

We went inside and tried a big date buffet of the sweetest and best dates we ever had! We ate and ate, then went on on a tour around the date farm!

Check this video and we will show you a heaven for the date lovers.

So come on, let´s go for a date!

Shields Date Farm MT World

Shields Date Farm MT World

Shields Date Farm MT World

Shields Date Farm MT World

Shields Date Farm MT World

Shields Date Farm MT World

Lots of date love
MT World

Las Vegas to San Diego Road Trip With MT World Day 2

Day 2 of our amazing road trip from Las Vegas to San Diego!
Haven´t seen day 1 CLICK HERE!

Don´t you just love road trips?

We fell in sleep immediately when we put our head on the pillow. It had been a long day with new exiting tings to see and we felt so relaxed after sitting in the warm spring water. It was magical to sit there and look up to the moon  and stars…

We woke up early to welcome an new fantastic day, filed with love and gratitude. Both of us felt like “this is going be a magical day” don´t you just love those days!

We jumped out of bed, put on our swim gear, had a  big glass of water and went out to see the sunrise. It was magical outside, we found a nice quiet place to meditate. The sun was kissing our face, the wind refreshed our souls and the water-sound relaxed our mind.

mel meditation palm spr

bobo med palm sp

Miracle Springs Resort, Palm Springs


Now is time for relaxing time in the hot spring!
What can be better than a nice meditation and relaxing time to rejuvenate before new adventures on the road.

mel pool

toby pool

in pool togheter


After a couple of hour we went up, it was time to hydrate our bodys. We started with 1 liter of coconut water each, after a while we had 1 liter of green juice each.

Now we were ready for the road!

drink from balcony

We jump in the car, and off we went to new amazing adventures!

We put the directions towards something sweet, really sweet! Because we are sweet <3

Were we going on a date?

Organic Date Farm

Date Farm

We know you are exited, so are we, but be patient, an exiting blog post about the magical sweet date farm will come tomorrow so be sure to not miss that!

A couple of hours later…

Sweet and happy, full of energy we continue our journey towards San Diego.

We stopped on many fantastic places on our way, had a banana crazy perty in the car, to carb up even more.
Because it is always sweet and fun when MT World is around!
mel banana

After a couple of hour on the road, we stopped on this beautiful mountain to look at this magical view and of course play, have a lot of fun, do some yoga and meditate.

Meditate here was magical and filled us with so much energy and clarity.

Toby jump

Yoga mountain

toby lookout mountain

Mel Meditation

After a couple of hours we hit our destination San Diego! We arrived in the evening, put our bags inside and went out to explore and find something to eat, because we were hungry.

We walked down the street and found a store. Wohooo!!! They had a lot of organic things, so we bought a big box of organic spinach each, organic tomatoes and Celery. It was so late and we were so tired, we didn´t want to cook rice and we wanted food NOW!

Universe answered us back

What was on the other side of the big road that we hadn´t seen?
A Chinese restaurant.

We ran over the street (Don´t do this at home, look first)

They had steamed rice without salt 🙂 We bought two big boxes of rice and went back to our friends were we staying to enjoy a nice dinner. Thank you Universe.

Have a beautiful and fruitiful day!
Lots of Love and ricefull belly’s:
Melanie and Tobias
MT World!

Roadtrip Las Vegas to San Diego with MT World vlog Day 1 of 2

Roadtrip Las Vegas to San Diego vlog  Day 1 of 2
Follow MT World on a roadtrip in USA. We go all the way from Las Vegas towards our goal San Diego! We will do a lot of crazy things on the way. Check this video and see what MT are up to!



MT World Explore Mojave Desert
Crazy Hat
Melanie s New Hat!


On the road...
On the road…


Enjoying the desert!
Enjoying the desert!


Hope you liked this blog!

Lots of Love from the road
MT World -The World Traveling Couple