How to find the best fruit in San Diego? Rawfood adventures with MT World!

Hello from San Diego

As you know MT World are  at the moment in the beautiful sunny San Diego. We love this place, it has such a amazing variety of good fruit and greens! Here you get so good local produce from the farmers and there are farmers market almost everyday.

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One of the biggest farmers market are the Hillcrest Farmers Market there are over 100 vendors and you can get everything from fresh baked crepes to some of the best oranges from the area.

Hillcres Farmers Market MT World

We love all farmers markets, especially you get so much free samples and if you like free samples this market is one of the best one, to go up and down and enjoy so much fruits you feel for. MT World like that!

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We really recommend this market in San Diego and we been here many times! Today we give you a video from the market and another fruityful rawfood day in MT World s life! We show you around the market and meet the fantastic farmer Barry Koral and he talks about his favorite fruit.

Hope you enjoy the video! And another day in our life. We so happy to share this moments with you and be able to inspire you, show you that everything you want to do in life is possible. Whit the right mindset you can be able to do what you want in life!

We also want to share our story how we QUIT OUR JOBS and START TRAVEL THE WORLD spread the word about Healthy Happy Lifestyle read it HERE


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Have a Beautiful and Fruityful Day!
Tobias and Melanie
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Black Sapote, a.k.a “the Chocolate Pudding Fruit” How to open and eat it!

Behold the Black Sapote, a.k.a “the Chocolate Pudding Fruit”

 It have the taste and consistency of chocolate pudding 🙂

We found this fantastic fruit at the farmers market in San Diego. We were so happy, couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw it laying there in the basket.

Black Sapote LOVE
Black Sapote LOVE


The tropical black sapote fruit is a species of persimmon that is grown from an evergreen tree native to eastern Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia but is currently also cultivated in Florida, Australia, California, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Hawaii.

Anyone who has tried this fruit will tell you that it have a rich  chocolate flavor and really does taste  much like chocolate pudding and have a texture likened to that of a papaya. The black sapote is low in fat and contain about four times as much vitamin C as your average orange, so its a really nutritious fruit.  Its the best chocolate pudding you can have.

The black sapote have many names include Chocolate Pudding Fruit, Chocolate Persimmon and in Spanish Zapote Prieto.

We love this fruit
We love this fruit

How Do you know when its ready?

You know it is ready when its skin turns dull olive green or brown/black, it have a really thin skin so you start to see the color of the flesh trough the skin. It should also be very soft and almost look like something you should trough out 🙂


Here is a video we did to show you how to open and eat this fantastic and delicious chocolate fruit!


Hope you enjoyed our video! Please put your comments down bellow, we would love to hear from you.

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Lots of chocolate love

Melanie and Tobias

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