What can you eat on a Rawfood Potluck? -MT World visit Barry Koral Tropical Fruit Farm

Barry Koral tropical fruit farm, MT World

Hi everyone!
Hope all is good with you beautiful souls! Today we will keep this blog a bit shorter but it is the content that is the most valuable!

Some weeks ago when we were in San Diego we got invited by the famous rawfoodist and farmer Barry Koral to his beautiful farm covered by his Love art and tropical fruit trees. Barry is an amazing person who are 72 years old and in a amazing shape due to this diet he proclaims.


Farmers Market San Diego

Barry is a beautiful spiritual soul that are all about lave, peace and bring people more spiritual conscious on planet earth. This beautiful day he invited to a beautiful rawfood potluck and of course MT World did a video from there  enjoy!


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What do we eat on a Rawfood diet? -Food Haul with MT World!!

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Hi everyone!
We often got questions what we eat? How much do we eat? What can you eat on a rawfood diet? So we going to talk a littlebit about our way of eating, plus we show you on a video what we eat and what we have at home.


What do we eat?
We eat mostly fruit and greens in the morning and for lunch then we can include something cooked for dinner. A normal meal for us can look like:

Green Smoothie, MT World, Nettle Smoothie, Nettles
Nettle and Dandelion Smoothie

Breakfast: 4-5 Oranges each or 2 liter of green smoothie with bananas and spinach, weathgrass etc, in the tropics we often eat 2-3 Papayas as it is really easy to get in the tropics as well as super delicious!


Banana Icecream MT World
Banana Ice cream

Lunch: Depends on were we are in the world but one of our favorites is banana icecream topped with fruits. We also like 4-5 oranges each when it it season, or if we are in the tropics we love to eat durian or 4-5 kg Mangosteen or Rambutan to share and some durian to that.


Dinner:  For dinner we normally have some salad, zucchini or cucumber noodles. We mix it together with some nice dressing often including mango as base (we have lot of good dressings in our raw food recipe book Healthy Eating With MT World). To the greens we often have some cooked food like steamed potatoes, rice, ricepaper rolls.

Cucumber Noodles with Mango Sauce
Cucumber Noodles with Mango Sauce and Red Onion


Here is a video about what we eat enjoy!


Can you eat to much?
Well lots of people ask us that. And when you eat like us you NEVER can eat to much, rather too little. It is very important when you eat most of your meals raw to eat until you fill and  even a bit more, so you have lots of energy the whole day! In that way you stay happy and healthy. Also it is very important to be thankful for every meal universe provide for us. Put love into your food and your food puts love into you!


Our Recipe Book
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Healthy Eating with MT World

Have a beautiful and Fruityful Day!
Tobias and Melanie

A Magic day in MT World !

Hi beautiful souls!
We just wanna share with you an amazing day in San Diego and in our life!

MT World in San Diego

Life is beautiful and here we share it also with our beautiful friends Rene and Skip, they talk about their favorite fruit, we also show you around the beautiful soundings in San Diego.

MT World in San Diego


Enjoy our video blog!


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Have a beautiful and fruityful day!