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En ny underbar dag!

Njuter av en härlig höstdag med en underbar Chia Pudding…

Detta hör verkligen denna årstid till, då höst äpplerna ramlar från träden och det är dags att ta vara på dem. Tänk er egentligen hur mycket äpplen som faller varje år och inte tas till vara på? Tänk om alla tagit reda på dem då skulle knappt några importerade äpplen behövt finnas i våra matvarubutiker.

Hur som helst så ville vi bara dela med oss av denna härliga bild vi tog på dagens chiapudding! I denna har vi just mellan lagrena av chia och havremjölk blandat har kört äpplen och lite kryddor som gör denna härliga kreation höstig och god!

Se mer av våra härliga kreationer på våran Instagram @Rago.testar
Se mer av våra härliga kreationer på våran Instagram @Rago.testar


Is durian the most disgusting fruit in the World? How to get massive hits on YouTube!

MT World, Durian, Bao Sheng Durian Farm

Today we gong to show you how to pick and chose the best durian. A couple of months ago me and my dear Melanie traveled to the island on Penang in Malsysia.

Were we heard you could find one of the best durian in the world!!!!!We been reserchng about this place since we moved from Norway and start travel. Finally we were at the candy land of durian!
Kun Poh Ang Bak side

We have booked a couple of months ago a stay at Bao Sheng Durian Farm in the hills of Penang. It is famous by us durian lovers for its´s organic durian and the very old trees many of them or 100 years old. We booked a stay for 3 days to only ear durian for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was an amazing experience we will never regret! Here comes the video with all you need to know about the feared and loved fruit Durian:


This video is a really top video by durian videos on the net and to todays date we have 575 likes and over 126 000 views on YouTube. This is manly due to how we tagged the video and good tags means more veiws so how you tag is very important. If you wanna know more how to tag your videos just send us a message on Facebook
MT World, Durian, Bao Sheng Durian Farm


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Lots of Durian Love!
Tobias and Melanie
MT World

A year of fantastic travel with MT World! Day 19 of 21 Video/Blog Challenge

A fantastic journey!

Hi everyone, hope you have  beautiful day! In todays blog post
we are going to show you some really nice travel clips from last
of traveling around the world.

We been seeing so much things and meet so many fantastic people!
We are so grateful and thankful to the Universe for this!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 09.11.19

We love that we can do this journeys and show you all about this
fantastic places and spread the word about healthy happy lifestyle!

And it is so exiting to travel, sitting on a airplane to a
and not know what is going to happen when
you land…

In todays video we will show you some clips from our traveling
around the world enjoy!

If you did not know, soon, just in a few days MT World are going on
another fantastic travel adventure! We will leave the snowy and cold
Sweden for warmer places.


We feel so grateful that we are able to live this life, and we are so grateful
that we are able to show you this places! So make sure to keep updated
and watch our upcoming travel videos

Lots of Love and Gratitude!
Tobias and Melanie

     MT World

Durian Madness!!! Why do people love durian so much!!! Day 17 of 21 Video/Blog Challenge

Durian- Love by the First Sight!

This is a story from back in the days on that time we were living in Oslo, Norway. Since me and Melanie been a couple we have shared this a bit weird interest for a fruit called Durian. Many people refer to it as  stinky fruit and in many con tries in Asia it forbidden to bring into airplane, airports,  hotels, subway and so on. Due to it´s special smell or “stinking odor” as the non proclaimers for durian says.

Anyhow we love it and we often went in to the Asian markets in Oslo to grab our frozen durian fruit to defrost for 8h to be able to open and eat the deliciousness! Me and Melanie are very addicted to the fruit so we used to eat durian almust every day.



One evening when I came from work Melanie had foraged one durian fruit and  had it defrosted as a nice surprise after a long 13h day. We got all into it as we crazy durian maniacs only can do. munched on the fruit like it was our last supper! When the were finished only seeds and shells remains. We thought about how or were to put those because we were so lazy to go out in the backyard of the apartment complex to chuck it in the bin. We thought oh well it did not smell that bad, so we can just put it in a plastic bag outside the door.



A few hour past by and we were sitting in the couch watching some film at the computer when someone were banging on the door and ringing hard on the bell at the same time. “open the door!!!” a angry voice shouted.
I went to the door, opened. A man that looked very angry was red in his face were outside.

“Hello! I’m your neighbour living on the top floor, what the F are you guys hiding in the apartment? It smells like a corpse, have you guys killed someone or what! It smells all the way to my floor and inside the apartment!”

We looked a bit surprised and said no? He insisted to come into the apartment and have a look and we said it was fine for us, we had nothing to hide. He walked around and found nothing. He said it smells horrible. The we just remember the durian shells.

“it might be this one” we said and showed him the durian remains in the plastic bag. The man almost jumped up in the roof with ugliness is his face expression said YES, what the F (again) is it??!!!!
We explained  about the durian fruit. He said put this in the bin straight away, and I will never feel this smell again!!!! After that he went back up the stairs mumbling something about “crazy fruit morons”.

This is only one of the crazy durian adventures in our life, but we love durian and will always love this amazing fruit!!!

Do you also want to travel the world eating durian like we do?  CLICK HERE! To see how we are able to do it!

Lots of Durian Love
Tobias and Melanie


Welcome to our Kitchen plus an awesome way to slice Zucchini! Day 16 of 21 Video/Blog Challenge


Today we give you a tour in our kitchen plus Melanie show you a fantastic way to slice/cut a zucchini. Hope you will enjoy this video full of gratitude!


How do you do when you cut Zucchini? Do you use a spiralizer? That is one of the most useful tool in the kitchen! We often use that one as well to make our delicious zucchini pasta meals 🙂

If you did not know we also have lots of good zucchini pasta recipes in our book healthy eating with MT World which you can order HERE!

Visar zucchini tool.jpg

How to eat Durian

How to open and eat Durian ? Eating Durian or Durian eating, How to open Durian? MT World Show you how to open Durian and eat Durian. This is a Organic one.
From the beautiful Hawaii, Big Island we show you how to open a Durian also called King of Fruits.
This is a video about how to open and eat Durian.

The best organic durian in the world!

Are you a durian lover? Do you want the best durian in the world? MT World are in Penang Malaysia and visit Bao Sheng durian farm. Here we eat fantastic organic durian! They are freshly dropped and some are from 100 year old trees. Some of them also give numb taste in your mouth. In this video Bao Sheng also explain different flavors of durian, how to chose a good durian, how to open and eat durian, how to find a fresh durian, how to smell durian. Bao Sheng is a really knowable man have many years of durian experience. So watch this video MT World show when we open durian and when we taste the best organic durian in the world. Worlds best durian, so if you are a durian maniak you will love this video.

Red Durian!

In this video MT World are in Banyuwangi, Indonesia. This is a place were the famous Red Durian or Durian Mreah grows. We are exclusively invited to Mr Eko Mulyanto s durian place to be a part of the jury in the red durian contest as well as document this event. Check this video out and see the famous red durian and who the winner durian is in the competition!
Lots of Durian Love from MT World