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How to rent a house in Bali -A guide to find the perfect house

Hello beautiful people! We are Tobias and Melanie, a couple from Sweden that live as digital freedom prenaurs and travel the world all the time as we carry our office with use wherever we go.

Today we very happy to share this guest blog with you guys! We going to talk a bit about how you do to find the best house to rent in the island of Bali and a bit of the cost of living in Bali. Hope you will enjoy and get lots of value from this post.


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 19.57.43

We love Bali
We been traveling to Bali many times and fell in love with this beautiful island and it´s fantastic friendly people living there. When we was there the first time we stayed for 10 days and we stayed in different hotels as we were just on a short trip, but decided to return back to this beautiful place and stay longer to rent an own house.

Last year we decided to go there and live for 4 months. We landed in Denpasar early morning after a flight from Manilla and were very pleased to come to this calm place compare to the busy big city Manilla that was our last stop.

We took a Taxi from the airport to Ubud which is the in the middle of island, it cost us 250 000 indonesian ruphia which is about 19 USD, it is a fixed price on the airport so you not need to stand and barge for the best price, which is really good. This ride usually takes 1h depends on the traffic.

How to find the best house?

We have learned that it is easiest to take a hotel a couple of days and basically walk around and look at houses in different areas as well as on boards outside shops and grocery stores. We found a lot of hoses adverts at Bintang supermarket. It is also a recommendation to get a Indonesian SIM card so you can call the house owners to see if the house is available the days you want and arrange a meeting with them to see the house.

Many of the house owners or the house carers speak really good english. If you have the time this is the best way to find your perfect house for the best price and see the house before you rent it. You can also bargain if you going to stay there for a longer period of time and you can get a really good price for long term rentals.

We can also recommend to search on Facebook as they have many groups were you can see different houses in the whole Bali and arrange appointments to see the house. If you look at houses on internet they are often really pricy compare to when you take your time and walk around, some of them can even cost for a night as much as a rent for the whole month for the same type of house.
Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 19.57.21


A lot included

Some of the houses in Bali come with a wide variety of amenities and services. The house that you rent often comes with cleaning every day or at least 3 times a week and if you like some even offer to cook dinner for you if you like it so.

A lot of the houses have internet included and some of the house you have to pay for your own use with monthly plans or sim card plugged into USB-Modem. The speed of internet vary from times to times and different plans, but expect it could be very slow but generally works good for everyday social media surfing and email.

The houses itself are often like a piece of artwork and beautifully decorated and very relaxing decorated. Expect to pay a bit more for the house if it ic pool included in the house, but it well worth it a hot summer day. If you not have pool and want a swim or just a cool off you can go to a nearby hotel and ask how much it would cost to use their pool.

Video tour of our house
We will now give you a tour of our house we rented in Ubud, Bali and tell you a little bit more about the cost of living in Bali. Hope you will enjoy the video!

5 tips to get your perfect house in Bali

1. Know what looking for (how big should it be, pool, or not, how long you going to stay)

2. Take your time and walk around and look at different houses that interest you

3. Look for house ads on boards in super markets, cafes etc

4. Look on Facebook groups for houses (this can be more expensive)

5. Search on google for “rent house in Bali” (this will be the most expensive option but you will find really nice houses and if you are on a big budget and rather chose to pay with money and not with your time)

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Hope you enjoyed this blog post and find the perfect house for you!
Lots of Love
Tobias and Melanie
MT World

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How we became MT World -The World Traveling Couple

Hello Beautful Souls!
Been an amazing day with +30 degrees Celcius and we are on the way to take a swim in the Ocean, just wanted to write this quick but very important blog post to you.

We are so grateful that you reading our blog and today we want to show you that dreams is possible.

MT World, Work from home, make money online, online business

Lots of people been following us on our world travel and we love all the fantastic feedback we get.

Today we made a video for you all so you can see from were we came from and how we made our dreams come true!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.07.02


Our Story, how Tobias and Melanie became MT World!

This is the story about us! Tobias and Melanie a couple of Sweden. We wanted to travel the world and live a life with more freedom and spread the message about healthy happy living!


We have read the book “The Secret” and knew everything is possible with the right mindset and a determination of wanting to do something of our dreams not only have them as dreams.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 18.49.54

Trust, believe, take action and make it happen!

Follow our adventures on:

Hope you enjoyed this video, have a beautiful and fruituful day!

Lots of Love
Tobias and Melanie
MT World

What can you eat on a Rawfood Potluck? -MT World visit Barry Koral Tropical Fruit Farm

Barry Koral tropical fruit farm, MT World

Hi everyone!
Hope all is good with you beautiful souls! Today we will keep this blog a bit shorter but it is the content that is the most valuable!

Some weeks ago when we were in San Diego we got invited by the famous rawfoodist and farmer Barry Koral to his beautiful farm covered by his Love art and tropical fruit trees. Barry is an amazing person who are 72 years old and in a amazing shape due to this diet he proclaims.


Farmers Market San Diego

Barry is a beautiful spiritual soul that are all about lave, peace and bring people more spiritual conscious on planet earth. This beautiful day he invited to a beautiful rawfood potluck and of course MT World did a video from there  enjoy!


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Lots of Love
Tobias and Melanie
MT World

What do we eat on a Rawfood diet? -Food Haul with MT World!!

MT World, food haul, vegan food, what does vegan eat

Hi everyone!
We often got questions what we eat? How much do we eat? What can you eat on a rawfood diet? So we going to talk a littlebit about our way of eating, plus we show you on a video what we eat and what we have at home.


What do we eat?
We eat mostly fruit and greens in the morning and for lunch then we can include something cooked for dinner. A normal meal for us can look like:

Green Smoothie, MT World, Nettle Smoothie, Nettles
Nettle and Dandelion Smoothie

Breakfast: 4-5 Oranges each or 2 liter of green smoothie with bananas and spinach, weathgrass etc, in the tropics we often eat 2-3 Papayas as it is really easy to get in the tropics as well as super delicious!


Banana Icecream MT World
Banana Ice cream

Lunch: Depends on were we are in the world but one of our favorites is banana icecream topped with fruits. We also like 4-5 oranges each when it it season, or if we are in the tropics we love to eat durian or 4-5 kg Mangosteen or Rambutan to share and some durian to that.


Dinner:  For dinner we normally have some salad, zucchini or cucumber noodles. We mix it together with some nice dressing often including mango as base (we have lot of good dressings in our raw food recipe book Healthy Eating With MT World). To the greens we often have some cooked food like steamed potatoes, rice, ricepaper rolls.

Cucumber Noodles with Mango Sauce
Cucumber Noodles with Mango Sauce and Red Onion


Here is a video about what we eat enjoy!


Can you eat to much?
Well lots of people ask us that. And when you eat like us you NEVER can eat to much, rather too little. It is very important when you eat most of your meals raw to eat until you fill and  even a bit more, so you have lots of energy the whole day! In that way you stay happy and healthy. Also it is very important to be thankful for every meal universe provide for us. Put love into your food and your food puts love into you!


Our Recipe Book
Do you wanna try some of our delcious rawfood recipes we talked about in the blogpost? Now you can buy a copy of our raw food recipe book Healthy Eating With MT World CLICK HERE!

Healthy Eating with MT World

Have a beautiful and Fruityful Day!
Tobias and Melanie

A Magic day in MT World !

Hi beautiful souls!
We just wanna share with you an amazing day in San Diego and in our life!

MT World in San Diego

Life is beautiful and here we share it also with our beautiful friends Rene and Skip, they talk about their favorite fruit, we also show you around the beautiful soundings in San Diego.

MT World in San Diego


Enjoy our video blog!


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Have a beautiful and fruityful day!


Why we love Farmers Market in La Mesa, San Diego

Vibrant food for your soul!

A lot of people that know us know that we love Farmers Market and that we have a lot of videos from different farmers market and fruit markets around the world! The people who don´t know us know now that we LOVE farmers markets!

La Mesa Farmers Market San Diego

The food you get at those markets are vibrant, high in nutrition and produced with love and gratitude from farmers that love what they doing and know how to make their greens and fruit happy and filled with love. This made without any spray or pesticides, only organic planting and growing.

La Mesa Farmers Market San Diego
At the moment we are in San Diego and exploring what good fruit and greens they have here! This beautiful Friday we went to La Mesa Farmers market which is  on a small parking lot in the suburb of La Mesa. The market are open 1-5 PM in Wintertime.  Easy to access from city, just take orange line and get of at  La Mesa Blvd and you are literately at the market.


At the market at this time you will find so good fruit and greens, we love it and a farmer that we really love is farmer Steve. He is so kind and he always give us a little bit extra for the same price and you cn really see how he love his fruits. Super juicy Oroblanco, one of the most delicious we ever tried! As well as his fantastic Avocados super creamy.

La Mesa Farmers Market San Diego

At this market you also find Strawberry’s, spinach, kale and all kinda greens. You also can find  supergood sauerkraut with lots of flavors. We spend some hours there and went home with a lot of fruits, greens and sauerkraut! And made a fantastic salad!

Farmers Market San Diego

Remember to support your local farmer that put so much love into the food, you feel it when you eat it and you feel the vibrations of love from the fruit and greens you eat!

Lots of Love
Tobias and Melanie
MT World!

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Shields Date Farm -How to pick the best dates with MT World

Do you like dates?

Think about sweet, soft and yummy that melts in your mouth! Then you are reading the right blog! MT World visit one of the best date farms on the way from Las Vegas to San Diego to get a sugar explosion!
Shields Date Farm MT World

We had such a craving for fresh and yummy dates and when we saw that they had so many date variates we had to stop here and explore what someone would call a “date heaven” and you know it is always sweet and fun when MT World is around!

We went inside and tried a big date buffet of the sweetest and best dates we ever had! We ate and ate, then went on on a tour around the date farm!

Check this video and we will show you a heaven for the date lovers.

So come on, let´s go for a date!

Shields Date Farm MT World

Shields Date Farm MT World

Shields Date Farm MT World

Shields Date Farm MT World

Shields Date Farm MT World

Shields Date Farm MT World

Lots of date love
MT World

Roadtrip Las Vegas to San Diego with MT World vlog Day 1 of 2

Roadtrip Las Vegas to San Diego vlog  Day 1 of 2
Follow MT World on a roadtrip in USA. We go all the way from Las Vegas towards our goal San Diego! We will do a lot of crazy things on the way. Check this video and see what MT are up to!



MT World Explore Mojave Desert
Crazy Hat
Melanie s New Hat!


On the road...
On the road…


Enjoying the desert!
Enjoying the desert!


Hope you liked this blog!

Lots of Love from the road
MT World -The World Traveling Couple


How to eat raw in cold climates? MT World give you a food sitution Day 13 of 21 Video/Blog Challenge

How to eat Raw in Cold Climates?

To eat raw in cold climate can be a bit tricky in wintertime. In this video MT World talk about how we do it and how we eat.

Check this video:


How do you eat?

Please let us know how you eat, what you prefer?

Do you feel better to eat raw, raw till 4, vegan. What do you think is best for you to eat? Please let us know, give us a comment on Youtube 🙂

Lots of Love
MT World
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