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How we became MT World -The World Traveling Couple

Hello Beautful Souls!
Been an amazing day with +30 degrees Celcius and we are on the way to take a swim in the Ocean, just wanted to write this quick but very important blog post to you.

We are so grateful that you reading our blog and today we want to show you that dreams is possible.

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Lots of people been following us on our world travel and we love all the fantastic feedback we get.

Today we made a video for you all so you can see from were we came from and how we made our dreams come true!

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Our Story, how Tobias and Melanie became MT World!

This is the story about us! Tobias and Melanie a couple of Sweden. We wanted to travel the world and live a life with more freedom and spread the message about healthy happy living!


We have read the book “The Secret” and knew everything is possible with the right mindset and a determination of wanting to do something of our dreams not only have them as dreams.

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Trust, believe, take action and make it happen!

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Hope you enjoyed this video, have a beautiful and fruituful day!

Lots of Love
Tobias and Melanie
MT World