Our Story

This is our story how we quit our jobs and started working online. We wanted to be able to travel the world , live a life with more freedom, spread the word of healthy happy lifestyle and make our dreams become reality!


We are just a ordinary couple from Sweden that quit our full-time jobs to live a better way of life.

We travel to exotic locations all over the world and experience things many people would only dream of. At the ripe old age of 28 and 33 we are blessed to live the life we now live.

We are our own boss now, We work on our own terms..

But you see, it wasn’t always like this.

Our journey to success did not come easy.

In fact when we graduated from school we were tired of study and being trapped in a classroom all day. We started to WORK HARD and only had a couple of weeks vacation every year to be able to travel

We grew up in Sweden in a regular small town, we always felt like we wanted something more in life. We loved to be outdoors, hiking and enjoy nature and new adventures.

We never knew what we wanted to “be” when we grew up.

In fact we didn’t really like that question because it felt like we were forced to do only one thing for the rest of our lifes. Our parents was hard workers and believed that a full-time work was the way to a good life.

We both worked for years working 45+ hours per week and we were earning GOOD MONEY for our age, but we sacrificed our lifestyle and health to do that.  We were hardly seeing each other. We had to save up for many months to be able to go on a vacation and have some quality time for each other.

We had dreams of travelling to Bali, do yoga, try exotic fruits and live a healthy lifestyle.We wanted to go to Hawaii fly helicopter over the volcano. We heard the fruits was amazing in the tropics.

We wanted to do it all at once and work on the road, live a simple life with no stress or physical demand, but during those years of hard labour We swept our dreams under the table and forgot about them.

We thought if we had a lot of money then we could live the life of our dreams.. But that didn’t happen.

We were too involved with work..

It consumed our lifes and took a toll on our health.

We remember stress up 3.30 in the mooring in a hurry to work and come home late in the evening with lots of pain in our backs Melanie were working in beauty and SPA  salon and Tobias were working in the security business.

We were so tired and felt that we were on our way to get burned out.

The circumstances at work were not good for any of us.

We felt trapped indoors most of the days, and the air at work was not good we felt like slaves under the our jobs and the stress from work started to affect our health. We were tired and our sleep pattern was not good, we realised we should not feel like this at our age.

One day Tobias had to go home from work earlier because he felt so strange and his heart was beating pretty fast and it was clear signs of burnout. Melanie was always in stress and had pain in her stomach all the time.

We continued to work and we could feel that our health our immune system were not good due to all the stress and the lifestyle we were living.

We were over it.

Over working long days!

We were busting our bodys and sacrifice our health and our relationship. It was a ridiculous situation.

Something had to change.

When we both came home a late night after a long day we were feeling sick and tired we took a warm shower and went straight into bed. Before we fell in sleep we looked at eachoter and said we have to do something about this unbearable situation. Next morning we decided to get on our laptop to search for ways to “make money while travelling”.

We had heard of travel bloggers before, who make money while backpacking around the world but didn’t know if it was possible.

We found something. A system we could plug right into and sell information products. No overheads, no physical products to ship..

Could this be the Holy Grail?

“It’s a JOKE” we thought.

We have heard of these things before, out to rip people off while selling “the dream”, but we were DONE with the situation we were in, so we got in without hesitation. We had to take a look.

We were welcomed to a group and soon realised that this was REAL. These people where REAL and this lifestyle could become REAL.

This was it.

We would do whatever it takes to become successful and do exactly what our mentors told us to do. We dug deep into training and crafting our new skills because we knew this could get us to where we wanted to be.

It worked and people started following what we were doing.

We would get inspiring emails daily from people with dreams of their own, reaching out for help as they wanted to create a better life for themselves. By helping these people we found more money would flow our way and our business started to GROW!

It was time.. We cleared out all the junk we had accumulated over the years and move into our backpacks.

We were to travel with no boundaries.

Explore the world like never before. We no longer need to return home to save for our next adventure. Getting up early with a lot of stress rushing to work, it was behind us now and that memory keeps us moving forward.

Warm weather, palm trees and white sand beaches are usually the the first choice of location but we were so grateful to have the ability to travel whenever and wherever we choose.

If you are interested in learning the exact system we use to live this lifestyle than you can:


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P.S if you really love your job this is not for you

See you on the beaches of the world with a big coconut!

Melanie and Tobias ~Healthy Lifestyle-Preneurs

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