Raw Vanilla Caramel Pudding

Raw Vanilla Caramel Pudding!, Caramel pudding. You know it´s good when it´s MT Food! MT World in the Kitchen makeing a quick and healthy recipe! YOU REALLY WANNA TRY! You can make this Caramel pudding, raw food, raw vegan meal at Thai fruit fest. Its´s a 80/10/10, raw vegan, vegan, raw foods, vegitarian, living foods quick and healthy meal. Sapoitilla raw cousine try this quick recipe, simple meal

The best organic durian in the world!

Are you a durian lover? Do you want the best durian in the world? MT World are in Penang Malaysia and visit Bao Sheng durian farm. Here we eat fantastic organic durian! They are freshly dropped and some are from 100 year old trees. Some of them also give numb taste in your mouth. In this video Bao Sheng also explain different flavors of durian, how to chose a good durian, how to open and eat durian, how to find a fresh durian, how to smell durian. Bao Sheng is a really knowable man have many years of durian experience. So watch this video MT World show when we open durian and when we taste the best organic durian in the world. Worlds best durian, so if you are a durian maniak you will love this video.

MT World visit Organic Farm in Bali

Organic Farm in Bedugul Bali
MT World visit Djoko, a farmer from Bedugul. He show his organic farm in Bedugul, we have a round tour of his farm and he talks about organic living bali also how to grow organic in bali. Bali grows a lot of organic produce. If you into raw food or just into raw food bali here you can buy organic greens. Bali raw food have a lot to offer and you also can find him on bali farmers market or farmers market in Ubud. He is one of the farmers in bali that grows organic. Check this video and see what MT World bought at his farm, his natural fertilizer and a lot more about organic farming!

Red Durian!

In this video MT World are in Banyuwangi, Indonesia. This is a place were the famous Red Durian or Durian Mreah grows. We are exclusively invited to Mr Eko Mulyanto s durian place to be a part of the jury in the red durian contest as well as document this event. Check this video out and see the famous red durian and who the winner durian is in the competition!
Lots of Durian Love from MT World