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What is Gratitude?

This blogpost I will talk a bit about gratitude and the importance of getting the right mindset and flow in our daily life!

That is a very important thing to use and be able to implement every day. We love to make make that process and be able to inspire people.

So today we give you some tips of that you can do to be able to implement this things in your life everyday.

Do a short or long meditation everyday when you wake up in the morning, it will empower your day and start the day in a good way, build up good energy throughput the day. You can search on youtube for guided meditation and follow those steps, or just meditate by yourself or turn on some calm meditation in the background.



2. Be Thankful
Be thankful for thinks and more things will come to you. By that I mean there a lot of things we take for granted when we have them that we not even are thankful for, just presume they always going to be there.  You can be thankful for the sun the lights up the sky every morning, you can be thankful for the fresh air, that you have roof over your head, that you are healthy, for a hug, for that you are able to see your loved ones, friends and family with your eyes etc. It is always tons of things to be thankful for.


3. Spice up your food!
With that I don´t mean with some hot spices (well you can do that as well, but not what I mean now) I mean the “magic spice”. This is an exercise we do with every of our meal, we use our hands and sprinkle some “invisible” spice over our food filled of love and gratitude towards all the people that made us able to have this dish on our table, gratitude to mother earth that provide the living essentials to make this plant/food grow or exist on our planet and on our plate. You should try this first eat one spoon without the “magic spice” and then one spoon with the spice on your food and I promise you will feel a difference.

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5. Set goals
This is a really important thing if you want things to happen in your life you have to know WHAT YOU WANT and WHEN YOU WANT IT HAPPEN! A lot of people they think well “I want to do more things in life” but they don´t put a real statement down to the universe, and then universe can´t help you to make your wish happened if  you don´t even know what exactly you want or by when. So you should put down your goals and therefore you know what to do to be able to achieve them. For example you put out to the universe “I want to travel to Bali by the end January next year” then you had set a goal and know when, probably also know what it is going to take you to get to that goal. For example work some extra hours at work every week, or look for things in your storage to sell off to be able to get to that trip. The universe know also what you want and by when and can help you towards your goals! And another very important thing is to write those goals down on a paper or on the computer. By writing things down it always become stronger effect.

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6. Visualize
Now you should have your goals set and then another powerful thing to use if visualizations you send out to the universe and as well use your mind to be more conspicuous of the feeling of your goals. For example if your goal is to travel to Bali, just close your eyes for a moment and feel how it feels to be in Bali, visualize how it feels to walk on the sandy beach in Bali, look at the waves that coming in towards the shore, smell the flowers, hear the sounds of that exiting place. Just do that for a minute or two so you can feel you already are there. Do it everyday and it will make you up in positive vibe and you will always know why you do what you to and what goal you going to archive.



7. The Stone
This is also a very powerful exercise we do every night before we sleep. We have a beautiful stone which we hold in our hands and say to each other what we are grateful for. We go trough the day and thank universe and feel gratitude for everything that we gone trough the day that we are thankful for. Small things and big things, remember by be grateful for small things bigger things will come into your life, you just have to tune in yourself in the right tune with the universe.

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Hope you enjoyed those tips of how to be able to get more gratitude into your life.  Will do more blogposts in this topic as I love to help people achieve their dreams, goals and be more happy in their life.
Lots of Gratitude and Light

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