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What is in our fridge???

MT World

 People often ask us…what do you eat, how does it looks like at you home?

Must be like a crazy fruit store or something. We answer, well yes in some way it is hehe.

MT World

We love to share and inspire people around the world towards a more healthy lifestyle, that is one of our passions! Another one as you probably know is to go around the world and try exotic fruit and one of our favorite fruit is Durian! One of the most flavorful and delicious fruit in the world!

MT World

So today we decided to do a video so people could see what we have at home and in our fridge.

Hope you enjoyed that video and see you in the next blog post!
Lots of Love
Tobias and Melanie

MT World

Healthy Eating with MT World. Now the E-book is out!

MT World are really happy to present you our first recipe book for a healthy happy lifestyle. This book include mostly Rawfood recipes you can make in no time, let´s get started spreading love in the kitchen. Healthy Eating with MT World will give you some of our secrets, tips and tricks to make delicious meals that everyone loves!

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